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I have called the app, they say they don't have problem with my account. Try going into your settings >> apps menu and open up the 'sprint hub' app * (you might need to use 'show system' to also show system services).

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Carrier hub enables sprint features and products for devices operating on the sprint network.

Carrier hub app not responding. I've seen this and others like google play store being delete in a unlocked android os and the phone or tablet becomes unusable and has to have the rom reflashed hub is a one of the background apps that check for carrier updates. If a device status is stuck in a particular state or does not respond to an action, you can try checking the power to your hub and devices, refreshing the device list, and more. However, if for some reason an app does stop responding pie.

Disable and remove sprint mobile carrier bloatware apps in your android mobile using normal settings or adb commands. Once you’ve properly registered your system, you will be able to immediately interact through your web browser with the system in the same way as you do at home. You have to use other methods to disable and delete those.

Try free app manager app by androiddeveloperlb from google play store and uninstall the update of system app “settings”. Hi, my phone is android 6, asus zenfone 2. Scroll down to find sprint hub from the list of apps and open it.

Continue to the new thermostat, new installation section.; Free android app (3.2 ★, 50,000,000+ downloads) → a system utility for sprint network devices. however, as soon as the phone turns off you'll have to force stop it again.

Carrier hub also assists our network engineering for customer reported service concerns. I have done everything, including factory reset. As such when you made the changes to the bt home hub it then stayed on longer.

Then consult the antivirus vendor for either a new update or technical support. If not, force close the app by swiping it away in the multitask menu (pictured above) and then reopen it. Turn on the apps you wish to use data with, or disable the data saver.

As a system app it can only be forced stopped. Will run but wont do anything anymore. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

I called my phone developer, they should not have problem. Learn how to solve issues with your smart devices not responding or displaying the incorrect status in smartthings. 0 recommended answers 1 reply 30 upvotes.

Carrier hub is something you need to turn off, but you cannot. I have mine set this way, since i use the sprint lg v40, on tmobile. Unfortunately, the app is a bulldog and will often turn itself back on within seconds of being forced stopped.

Btw the app is socar. Active line thru time of upgrade with min. Turn off it’s notification, make sure data is not being used in the back ground at all times and of course that it does not run on top of other apps.

Wintex would not be able to connect when you cannot connect with the app as they both rely on the same connection method. However when you select the device from within the alexa app, the app says that the server is unresponsive and shows a message saying: Still when i try to access to the app, same message appear.

This latest update is needed for google android q requirements. I can see that every time you select a device from within the app, alexa sends a reportstate query to our servers and we respond the same way we do for voice activated reportstates. I did a little more digging and the app description states it's responsible for things like.

Upgrade does not include same generation model galaxy, must be next generation galaxy. It helped me today with my lg g4 withmarshmellow uodate to fix the issue of this app crashing with message “ stopped ~~~” every time i open its native app manager and try to click on an any app. Now when i try to access it, it tells me sprint hub required. if i follow the link it takes me to the google play store page for sprint's carrier hub but it tells me this item isn't available on your carrier.

The notification bar should show a data service icon (3g, 4g, or lte) if you are only experiencing issues with one specific app, in the mobile data menu press more > data saver if the data saver is on, check which aps are turned off; In good standing, & give back of current eligible device in good & functional condition. These false positives can trigger windows to suddenly start reporting dns server not responding errors.

Head over to the settings app on your galaxy s8 and then scroll down to apps. Settings > network tab > mobile data > on. This app and others are locked against users deleting them because certain things that are carrier specific will not work.

The my sprint app is available for ios devices on the app store and for android devices on google play. Carrier hub enables sprint features and products for devices. This software feature enables customers to turn on sprint products (for example voice over wifi).

Tap on 'force stop' then open up 'storage' and tap on 'clear data'. As such, users won’t see the “app not responding” (anr) dialog box to alert them to an unresponsive app if they’re running pie. I have used it without issue for quite some time on my various phones and it had been working fine on my pixel for a few months.

Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Welcome to myinfinity sm, your portal for remote access. Sprint also installs some bloatware android apps like sprint hub.

Waiting for <our company name>. You may want to throw your phone against. That'll wipe the app's configuration settings and its cache.

Press the force stop button to forcibly quit the app, at which point it will automatically restart. Report speed/coverage issues and manage your account. Unfortunately, we can’t uninstall this app like playstore apps.

Is the carrier hub app from sprint necessary? I was on the files go app and this carrier hub app showed up as an app that hasn't been used since like, 4 weeks ago, so i uninstalled it. Atherton research's principal analyst and futurist jeb su weighs on check point software latest discovery of an advanced android phishing attack using a mobile carrier's provisioning messages.

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