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Unfortunately, we don’t know whether or not microsoft is going to add the feature to both teams mobile apps and teams desktop clients on the same day. Microsoft is finally working on a new feature that will allow users to switch between multiple accounts when using the desktop client of microsoft teams.

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We need to have multiple accounts without loggin out.

Microsoft teams desktop app multiple accounts. Microsoft teams is a service provided by microsoft similar to services such as skype, zoom, and google meet. Otherwise you have to copy content from document xy, close it and then you can open document xz. Use microsoft teams mobile app.

As a caveat, it’s important to note that we aren’t actually launching multiple desktop teams clients. If you need to open multiple instances of microsoft teams when you login to your desktop, follow the steps below; According to microsoft watcher mary jo foley, multiple work accounts support is coming to microsoft teams mobile app next year, though she didn’t give us an exact date, either.

Many of us have several o365 accounts for various reasons (consulting, etc), and we’d need to be able to access teams directly. If you have data in a word that you want to move step by step from a document xy to a document xz its best to have two teams windows. Managing multiple user accounts is currently a hassle on microsoft teams.

If you need to use teams for two different areas, personal and work, you run into a major annoyance and it comes down to how microsoft handles accounts. I also have 3 elementary school age children using teams for school. In the mobile app for teams, go to the hamburger menu (three stacked lines), and then tap on ‘settings’.

Click to the team/channel you want the app to launch at. Download microsoft teams now and get connected across devices on windows, mac, ios, and android. Repeat this for as many accounts/instances of microsoft teams you need.

Once you’ve linked your accounts to the desktop app, you will be able to. A microsoft 365 roadmap entry hints multiple accounts support in teams on the desktop is set for a december release. The app is used for online meetings as well as providing room for multiple members.

Microsoft teams should support multiple accounts, making it easier to jump between organizations. What we’re doing is “wrapping” the guest access to each tenant into a chromium based app using something called is not a desktop teams client, but it’s pretty close. Managing multiple user accounts is currently a hassle on microsoft teams.

Consequently, it provides a service in which team members are aware of each other’s progress. All you need to do is install the microsoft teams progressive web app and run it alongside the desktop app. With this upcoming support, teams users will be able to add additional accounts, change their profile picture, and switch between […]

From the shortcut, the app will launch in that profile One of the most requested, if not the #1 requested, teams feature is to switch between accounts on the desktop app. The new capability is projected to make.

Sign in with the account you want to use. Faster tenant switching functionality on the windows client has been rolled out to the public ring fully, and mac will begin rolling out soon.” via our uservoice link i want. I also work for several companies and therefore have to log in to several ms teams accounts.

The microsoft teams desktop app could soon have a new feature that would allow users to switch between accounts more easily. It seems this potential feature is not the only one that microsoft is testing out in order to improve user. Microsoft has now announced that support for multiple accounts on desktop is coming in december.

A second instance of microsoft teams will open. How do i find this feature on the desktop app? Another issue i have is that even though i've set the new experience in my settings for each account.

Sign into microsoft teams, and switch to the tenant you want to make an app for. Tems should have the option add account on desktop app. The ability to use multiple microsoft teams accounts at the same time is supported only on ios and android devices today.

Sometimes it would be advantageous, if the microsoft teams desktop app could be started multiple times. It will apparently make it possible for teams users to add additional accounts to the desktop app and switch between them without logging out of their main account. Microsoft appears to be testing a new section in the teams settings that will allow you to link/add additional accounts.

Based on your post, we had searched at our end and found that “the ability to use multiple teams accounts at the same time is being implemented in stages for desktop. Or you are a vendor and work for multiple customers with different tenants accounts. The feature appears on microsoft's roadmap and should arrive before the end of the year.

Following a number of feedback from teams users, microsoft is finally working to add additional settings for multiple accounts and organizations on the teams desktop app. Then “install this site as an app” you will get a nice “app” experience and a shortcut on the desktop. So you want to use multiple teams accounts at the same time.

The desktop app for microsoft teams may not have support for multiple accounts yet, but its mobile app for both ios and android supports signing in with multiple accounts. I am currently working from home and using teams at home for work. Log into multiple accounts we need the ability to sign in with multiple accounts.

Collaborate better with the microsoft teams app. As spotted by onmsft, microsoft has added multiple accounts feature to its microsoft 365 roadmap. With this addition, teams users will be able to add one.

Multiple accounts in the teams desktop app @craig bryden since i don't live in us i don't know really 🙂 but i guess that their plan was to release it during second half of 2019, but a major thing like this should been listed in the roadmap first and microsoft should have mentioned it a ignite, but i haven't heard anything. We have 1 desktop computer and 1 ipad trying to juggle 4 teams accounts. This is not a federation or b2b scenario, but a case where new o365 credentials have been created in another tenant for us.

The ipad app has a helpful account switching feature. On teams mobile it works flawlessly, on the desktop not so much. There is a workaround to use two different microsoft teams accounts at the same time.

Following a number of feedback from teams users, microsoft is finally working to add additional settings for multiple accounts and organizations on the teams desktop app.

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