My Tesla App Wont Wake Up

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If you are experiencing performance issues with the app, the following troubleshooting steps can also be used: The app with the phone would not work as the car wouldn't wake up.

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My 1976 monte carlo i bought in high school for $500 never once failed to connect to an app, had a fob issue, had streaming stop, had the windshield wipers go at the wrong speed or had phantom braking.

My tesla app wont wake up. The key car and the bluetooth from the iphones use the same low energy bluetooth. After taking delivery, if you are having trouble logging into your tesla account, make sure you are using the correct email and password.for additional information, visit account support. This reduces the load on tesla's servers, but will not allow your car to go to sleep.

Any time i am about to drive my model 3, i like to turn the climate control on a few minutes before i leave, so that it's either warmed up (in the winter) or cooled down (in the summer) before i get in the car. My car (2018 s 100d) seem to take longer and longer to wake up in the morning. Due to the outage they are having?

Of course if another 15 minutes of inactivity passes, it will go back to daydreaming mode. Cannot wake up my tesla from iphone app. It won't respond to my fob and if it is plugged in, it won't let me remove the plug.

So people see me go to my car, turn around, and tap my ass. Then i get in my car. I have the tesla app on my tablet as well, and that works (it has the current data).

We learned that we could wake up the car using our fobs, then the app would work so we could preheat the car. I took the phone to the car, opened the door and confirmed that the car seemed to be operating normally. My iphone tesla app unusually asked me to log on this morning, and accepted my normal password.

If i go to the car and open it with the phone in my hand, then it's woke and has current info. Today i had success by opening the tesla app on the phone and it began waking up. I recently built a system that does remote wake up and can confirm.

Not a tesla engineer but this design seems practical. I've rebooted the car, rebooted my phone and the app, but nothing has made an improvement. Press a button), the app will wake up and start communicating with your car again.

There are low powered chips that can switch a relay to turn on the main system to conserve power. I was looking for just this subject and found this thread. If you start interacting with the app (e.g.

Model s model 3 model x model y solar roof. I open the tesla app, wait for my car to wake up, then turn on the climate control. When i access my tesla app, the message is, waking car, and the circle spins and spins until the message appears that my car cannot be reached.

And it had an eight track player, something my $60k tesla doesn't even have! Should i walk down the street to my garage to make sure the mcu isn't dead or something, or is it just a bad lte connection maybe? Now it seems like it works half the time.

I just went into my app and the car won't wake up, is this anyone else having this issue? Locked and won't wake up. But when i start the app up, it just says waking up, and the location data it displays is old.

I my case i'm pretty sure i've had it wake properly since 2020.36.10 and it. For example it won't work if it's parked in an underground parking lot where getting a cell signal is impossible. Sometimes it won't see my phone at all until i wake up the phone, which i can do by tapping it.

It won't wake up either if your tesla is not receiving a well connected cell site. Tesla wakes the car up by pinging it over lte. A number of users in the uk are reporting issues with the app at the moment.

If you pull up the tesla app, it plainly says connected under the phone key, but the car still won't unlock. I’m currently on 2018.21.9 and prior to this update my app worked great (iphone x and wife has galaxy s7.) but we can no longer get the app to connect when the car is in sleep mode (parked anywhere). It won't wake up either if your tesla is not receiving a well connected cell site.

So if all you are doing is connecting to push a few bits from the app to the car, it doesn't matter if you leave the car connected to your wifi home router. I have this same problem, updated recently to ios 14 and also 2020.36.10 on the car, after a while it wont wake the car up until i go near the car, then its okay for a while. Now its been two hours.

My situation is exactly like yours ocr. The first week i got my model 3 in early may the app worked like 90% of the time or more. I have tried every 5 to 10 minutes, and it still hasn't woken up.

Same, it's not waking anymore. Submitted by don kirshner on mon,. Since then, the majority of the time the car won't wake up without going out and opening the door.

My car (model 3 lr) has stopped waking up from the app. Once it wakes up it will switch to wifi if available. ‎read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about watch app for tesla.

Download watch app for tesla and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. I got back to work at 1pm. I open the tesla app on my phone to wake my car on the way to the garage and it has worked 100% of the time.

I can't even disconnect the charging cable until i've opened the door. If i go up to the car and open the door, let everything come on and then open the app it connects but. Very annoying if it is cold outside.

I usually have a good window where half the day it works, but then when it doesn’t work, it will be hours where i can’t connect. My car routinely doesn't wake up in the morning. Tesla app “waking up” won’t connect.

However, it could not wake my car up. Unsure if its ios or tesla software, maybe an update will sort it. Limit checking the tesla app when you check your car via the tesla app, your car uses energy to wake itself up from sleep mode.

It also works if i don’t open the app and just approach my car. During the winter, it’s best to only check the app when necessary so that extra energy can be used on the road. Seems there are report from others of the same problem too:

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