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Natural cycles is an effective, natural method of contraception that is delivered in the form of an app. It is the only app to be ce certified in europe for use as a contraceptive.

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Natural cycles app not working. Natural cycles does not guarantee that you cannot get pregnant, it only informs you whether and when you can become pregnant based on the information that you enter into the application. Natural cycles is 93% effective with typical use, 98% effective with perfect use. Read the clinical evidence and patient information on the hcp website.

The company's founders published a study on the app's effectiveness in the european journal of contraception and reproductive health care in 2016. That's just one of a handful of factors that can get in the way of the app working correctly, including having multiple sex partners or a partner who. Despite it also not being highlighted as quality in the unc research, the natural cycles website states more than 900,000 women worldwide are.

The natural cycles app, found online at, is currently the only government certified mobile application approved for use of contraceptive and family planning needs. Natural cycles also confirmed they had not yet received any information from södersjukhuset hospital, but said they are currently in touch with the mpa and is working to respond to individual. Danijela froki/natural cycles as a contraceptive, the app claims to be 93% effective with “typical use” and 98%.

All you need to do with natural cycles is download the app and put your details in. Natural cycles is a fertility tracking app that tells users whether they're fertile or not by monitoring their temperature. Berglund, 32, began working on the app while still at cern (the european organisation for nuclear research).

Until your first ovulation is confirmed, natural cycles will show you red (for prevent) or brown (for plan) days before giving green days. An image from the natural cycles instagram account. If the results indicate that your thermometer is broken, the app will urge you forward to the next steps to ensure that you have a working one.

Instead, the app assumes the intimate voice of a trusted doctor, mixed with the sort of gamified messaging you find on other apps. Berglund and her husband are working on updating the app to make it more. The app works like this:

The natural cycles app, which came under scrutiny last year. The results can be skewed by. Used by 150,000 around the world, it has received approval from tuv sud.

It’s also the first, and still the only, mobile application cleared for marketing as a certified contraceptive. Elina talks about how her personal experience helped set in motion the new technology that over 1.5 million women are now using worldwide. Natural cycles also uses social media influencers to promote its app—which, from a public health perspective, is concerning, says amy hough, a reproductive and sexual health researcher.

Even so, this app is designed for informational purposes only and should not be used to prevent pregnancy. Convenient user interface to view your entire cycle instantly. Natural cycles app wants to do just that.

Natural cycles claims to be 99.9 percent effective at preventing pregnancy, more so than condoms or the pill. Natural cycles then uses an algorithm to calculate if the day is green, meaning not fertile, or red. Each morning, users measure their temperature, logging it into the app.

No method of contraception is 100% effective. Cycles wanted to switch from hormonal birth control to an effective method of natural contraception, but as scientists working in the field of physics they were. Julie loffredi, national lifestyle content desk.

The natural cycles app relies on women taking their temperature at the same time every day and does not give an accurate fertility reading until three months of use.

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