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Alors que sortaient de l’hyperespace des vaisseaux de la fédération du commerce. He stood with jedi general pong krell on a platform and rounded up clone platoons.

501st Lieutenant Appo (Desert armor) in 2020 Star wars

Includes 9 saga collection 501st legion clone trooper figures and 1 commander appo figure.

Star wars appo. Snips ja xd wäre das hier kein star wars amino dann würd ich auch wikis über halo, star trek und battlestar galactica machen sowie vllt mass effect und 40k xd Appo witnessed the destruction of the umbaran mobile cannons and after noticing that the airbase's defensive systems were down, he was told by krell to mobilize his. He was a clone commander who was part of the 501st legion and participated in the clone wars.

Now, click edit to start adding more details! He eventually became a commander for the 501st legion, and was one of the most prized officers under. As a soldier in military service to the galactic republic, appo participated in several major battles fought between the grand army of the republic and the droid armies of the confederacy of independent systemsfrom umbara at the height.

Star wars the clone wars: In star wars episode iii: He was in charge of the 501st legion.

Towards the end of the clone wars. Como los demás clones, fue desarrollado y entrenado para servir como soldado de la república galáctica. During the battle, this arc trooper, along with the rest of fox company tired to hold the main hanger, so the confederacy would not gain a foothold on the.

This is a super fun game, for being a star wars rip off of clash of clans. Revenge of the sith, appo is the commander of the 501st. As a sergeant, he served under general pong krell on umbara, and saw firsthand krell’s willingness to throw away the lives of his troops.

Il débuta sa brillante carrière comme simple sergent clone durant laguerre des clones, au seinde la 501ème légionavant d'être promucommandant clone en19 Appo is a character in the star wars universe. Con la formación del gran ejército de la república y el subsiguiente estallido de las guerras clon, appo luchó contra las fuerzas droides de la confederación de.

Appo was an advanced recon commando captain during the clone wars. The last airbender, a show that dave filoni worked on. Le général grievous avec une audace démesurée attaqua en effet le cœur de la république avec le gros des forces séparatistes.

1 history 1.1 battle of umbara 1.2 order 66 1.3 empire service 2 equipment 3 external links 4 other 5 appearances 6 references during the clone wars, appo served under general krell as sergeant of the 501st legion. Appo era el comandante de la legión 501. Großadmiral thrawn | appo antwort auf:

Star wars the clone wars: Appo could be identified by the blue markings on his armor and helmet. He went with some of the 501st legion to the planet umbara.

In the final days of the war appo accompanied anakin skywalker to coruscant’s jedi temple as part of order 66. Appearances the general (first appearance) plan of dissent carnage of krell Grand bien lui fit quand les alarmes résonnèrent dans tout coruscant et qu’il vit dans le ciel les forces de la csi.

Un mois après la création de l’empire galactique, le seigneur sith dark vador fonçait dans un piège tendu par un petit groupe de jedi survivants à l’ordre 66, qui s’étaient réunis en conclave sur kessel. Click edit to update a description. Still, i played for a year and maxed out my normal troops, but the addition of troops coming infinitely out of the barracks.

Sirvió bajo el mando de darth vader durante el ataque en el templo y después, cuando la república se. Appo was a clone trooper sergeant who served under captain rex and the 501st legion. Appo's unique white arrow customization on his helmet is a reference to appa, a character from avatar:

The mandalorian, a new star wars series, follows a lone gunfighter's travails after the fall of the empire. Free standard us shipping & handling by usps. Sergeant appo served under general pong krell during the battle of umbara and assisted the other clones in arresting the general of treason.

He was later killed during the subjugation of kashyyyk in 18 bby. Click edit to update a biography. Star wars new in package figures, clone trooper army builder lot.

He later served the galactic empire following the activation of order 66, leading the 501st into battle against the jedi order. Star wars the clone wars: A clone trooper in republic service, appo took part in a number of critical battles during the fight against the separatists.

Commander appo in phase 2 armor. This mod overhauls the clone army into the 501st with a few model changes along the way, i have removed all standard accesories from the heavy class and the specialist now has a kama with a pauldron.

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